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Review - GEO Xtra WBS 202 Bella Blue

I will do this review in just english to make things a lot easier for me, hope you like it anyways!
Shop / Pinkyparadise
Brand / GEO 
Origin / South Korea
(Label #1: Diameter 15.0mm | Base Curve 8.7mm)
Label #2: Diameter 14.8mm | Base Curve 8.8mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Colour: 5/5
I think the colour is super nice and vibrant and it gives my eyes the perfect blue that I was looking for. The lenses also covers my iris in normal lighting so you can't really see my natural colour.
Enlargment: 5/5
When I ordered the lenses I thought they were 15mm but when I read it now it said that -0.00 lenses only come in 14.8mm. Even though they aren't as big as I thought, they still give me a super nice effect and the black line makes them look even bigger and more animated, love it!
Comfort: 4/5
My eyes get pretty dry after using them a whole schoolday and they also tend to get a bit red. Besides that they are really easy to put in and I barely notice that I'm wearing them.
I really love these lenses and how they make my eyes look. They were also not that expensive and the delivery was super good. I got a mail early in the morning last friday and on monday I could pick them up and you also get a cute lenscase when you buy lenses from them. I will defently purchase from them again!
And I'm sorry for my tired face! o u o


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