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Outfit - 4th of September

Had quite a nice weekend and I'm happy that I got to spend it with people that mean a lot to me! New week and I feel really tired but that won't stop me from updating you over here, got a lot of nice things coming soon :) Hope you had a good start on the week cuties!
Put some pink in my hair since I didn't want it completely blue (actually wanted purple) but will problaly recolor it soon so I can have my pretty purple hair again!


Have been feeling low and off for a while but thought I needed to update a bit. A lot of things happening and finally I have seen a preview of my new design. It made me feel a bit more motivated to blog more again.
Went in to town yesterday with mommy and found som nice stuff. Got a bit much with all the people but I survived. :)
Dress - Gina Tricot ♥ Cardigan - Cubus ♥ Necklace - Meltychoclatemoon ♥ Shoes and sunglasses - Ebay
Hello kitty bowl, Matcha Collon and Lychee Ramune - Kawaii shop ♥ Supercute brah - Cubus ♥ Hairdye - Shock ♥ Falsenailscutter - In & Finn

Busy day

I feel really stressed out right now since I have to do a lot of things but it feels like I have no time at all. Going away tomorrow and I haven't started packing yet and I also have an appointment later today which just makes me feel even more stressed. I will try to focus on what I need to do and plan my time and it will problaly go well.

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