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Wouldn't mind waiting 500 years

You're my prince. The person I think about from early morning 'til late night. You make me smile and make me feel comfortable about myself. I can always feel like myself around you. I like you simply because you are you, with all your flaws. I would sell my soul to see you happy all the time and I don't mind waiting 500 years for you. Because you're all worth it.

All for you

This is to you, the person that means the most, the boy that I have fallen in love with.
You're the reason I'm still here breathing. When I have been waiting for the train you're the reason I take a step back and not forward over the edge. Imagining a future with you makes me feel like every breath isn't a waste and for nothing. You make my days brighter and can make me think about something else than all the negative shit in this world. I always feel safe around you and I wouldn't change what we have for anything. You're the first thing on my mind when I wake up and the last before I fall asleep. You take up more of my mind than anything ever had and that keeps me thinking that you're always with me. I don't know how to express myself because I really, really like you and I would do everything for you. This is all for you.
I long the day I can finally call you mine.

What happened?

So, what happened with my modeljob? I wrote a while back that I got a job as a model for Talkingclothes and that they would send me clothes so I would take photots with them and send them back. I got my package the last week in November and was supposed to send them back before December started since they wanted to have some of the products in their christmascalender. As I wrote before, the first photos didn't turn out good so I retook them. I got an email back from them the first time that they weren't happy at all with the photos and for me it basically felt like they said that my photos weren't good at all and that there were nothing good about them. They wanted to end the "work" for me but I sent the new photos anyways. I got no response and I didn't see a single of the pictures I took inte their calender and I have only seen a few of them on their website. And I think that there is the old photos that they have uploaded.
It's a bit sad that it ended but it feel worse that they didn't even answer or use the pictures. I think they have really nice stuff and if it weren't for the fact that I don't have a lot of money to spend on clothes all them time I would buy from them. I basically just wanted to write this so I could get it "of my chest".
Har egentligen ingen större lust att skriva om allt på svenska så det får bli ett engelskt inägg nu.

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