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Had the fortune to meet a lot of pretty people last wednesday at a "finfika" that no one less than Adora Bat Brat hosted since beauty Valentin and his pretty friend Esther visited. It was really fun to meet them and they are surely super nice people! There are a lot of pictures from the evening so I thought I would upload some ^-^
Hade turen förra onsdagen att träffa en massa fina människor på en finfika som ingen mindre än Adora Bat Brat höll i eftersom att vackra Valentin och hans fina vän Esther var här. Det var riktigt kul att få träffa dem och de är verkligen otroligt snälla människor! Det finns ganska många bilder från kvällen så tänkte lägga upp några ^-^


Have been feeling low and off for a while but thought I needed to update a bit. A lot of things happening and finally I have seen a preview of my new design. It made me feel a bit more motivated to blog more again.
Went in to town yesterday with mommy and found som nice stuff. Got a bit much with all the people but I survived. :)
Dress - Gina Tricot ♥ Cardigan - Cubus ♥ Necklace - Meltychoclatemoon ♥ Shoes and sunglasses - Ebay
Hello kitty bowl, Matcha Collon and Lychee Ramune - Kawaii shop ♥ Supercute brah - Cubus ♥ Hairdye - Shock ♥ Falsenailscutter - In & Finn


After my foodshopping yesterday I rested for a while and then I started making onigiris. It was my first time doing and also eating onigiris so I was really excited! ^^ They turned out okey but will problaly turn out even better next time, or hopefully. Had tuna, mayo and wasabi filling and ofcourse I had to make one as Baymax, he is such a cutie!

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