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Makeup video

Started recording a makeup video this morning but didn't actually record when I did my brows and eyeshadow so I will redo it tomorrow instead and actually film it this time! ^^ It is some sort of gyaru inspired makeup but a bit more simple than what I sometimes do, no underlashes and white all over. Mostly eyeshadow and eyeliner. :) Will try my best to get it up as fast as I can! ^^

Lens review - Geo Forest Red

My mum was super nice and got me these lenses that I had put on my wishlist for Christmas and since I have used them quite a lot now I wanted to make a review of them.
Barbie Forest Red
Base curve: 8.6mm
Diameter: 16.2mm
Brand: Barbie (Dueba)
Water content: 38%
Lifespan: 12 months
Colour: 5/5
The colour is very vibrant and I'm super happy that the colour really show up and since it's 2 tones the black makes it look even better. It doesn't show much of my own eyecolour which I really like.
Enlargment: 5/5
Since they are 16.2mm they have a really good enlargment effect and they make my eyes look really big and cool which I love. They really were as I expected and I'm sooo happy with them! ^^
Comfort: 4/5
My eyes dry out faster sometimes than with my other lenses but that is problaly because I haven't had lenses this big before. Otherwise they are quite comfortable. c:
I really love these lenses and I want to wear them for the rest of my life basically! They also fit perfect for more dark but cute looks and will be perfect for a vampire look! ^^

Unlucky me

Noticed today that one of my new pink lenses has broken. :c They broke in some way in the case since when I wore them I had no problem, i think they broke when I opened the case since they were lying against the "wall" of the case. Feels so bad since I have not even had them for a month. Kind of wanted to throw everything in the wall. Bad day, lets make tomorrow better!
So instead of being all negative, here have a picture of my apple pie and soylatte.
Upptäckte idag att ena min nya rosa lins hade gått sönder. :c De har på något sätt gått sönder i linsskyddet eftersom att när jag hade dem så hade jag inga problem med dem, jag tror att den gick sönder när jag öppnade linsskyddet då linsen liksom låg mot "väggen". Kändes så otroligt dåligt då jag inte ens haft dem i en månad. Kände mest för att kasta allting i väggen. Dålig dag, får göra morgondagen bättre!
Så för att inte bara vara helt negativ så får ni en bild på min äppelpaj och soyalatte.

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