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Review - GEO Ultra CK105

Now it is time for the second lensreview from Pinkyparadise and this time it is the GEO Ultra CK105. As I wrote in the last review I am super happy about the delivery and I will order from them again.
Brand / GEO 
Origin / South Korea
Label #1: Diameter 14.8mm | Base Curve 8.6mm
Label #2: Diameter 14.5mm | Base Curve 8.7mm
Water Content / 38%
Life Span / Yearly
Colour: 5/5
I think the color is exactly how I wanted it and it makes my eyes really black. The colour is vibrant and you can not see through any of my natural colour even though most of the time my iris show a bit around my pupil, but you can not really see it unless you look closer.
Enlargment: 4/5
Even though they are 14,5-14,8mm they give me a pretty good enlargment effect, not as good as the blue ones but I like these anyways. Sometimes it is pretty nice to not have super big eyes and these are really awesome for that.
Comfort: 4/5
They are pretty comfy to wear but my eyes get a bit "tired" when I wear them and they can easily get red as well. I do not notice that I am wearing them and that is something I love about these!
I think these lenses are really good and in my opinion I think GEO makes really good lenses. I wear these pretty often and I always love wearing them!


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